Our mission
To build, lease and manage unique-stay buildings and provide awarding-winning experiences through modern design and impeccable service.

About us

Our story

How we started

Nestor was born after co-founder Fran spent a few months travelling in South America. He loved staying in Airbnbs but noticed a lack of consistency across the homes and the service. This made him wonder – what if you could guarantee the ultimate short stay experience?'

Back in London, Fran had the chance to put this idea to the test when a school friend went on holiday. Aided by co-founder and fellow travel enthusiast Mark and armed with a bottle of Prosecco and plenty of charm, Fran put his friend’s home on Airbnb. After receiving glowing feedback from guests, Fran and Mark realised they were onto something.


Growing strong

They spent the following months gathering clients, cleaning properties, and checking-in guests for a small percentage of the hosts’ earnings. Their commitment, coupled with some snazzy property-focused technology, has seen Nestor grow to include more than 100 listings in London, plus some beautiful homes in Edinburgh, Dublin, Madrid and Granada.

In good hands

The world’s first Airbnb Professional Co-Hosts

These days, we are all about working with amazing investors and collaborating with up-and-coming interior designers to bring guests the best high-end homes in our chosen cities. Nestor has even become the world’s first Airbnb Professional Co-Host – so you know you’re in the best hands.

Our values
Always strive to improve – we will do better
Always give a damn – we care about every detail
Always commit – we go the extra mile
Always together – we welcome you into our community
Always be fair – we offer the best end-to-end service
Always be passionate – we love what we do